Here it is!

I have been learning to code in 2018, and I am definitely going to continue doing that in 2019.

2018 has been fantastic with a lot of ups and downs, and my most favorite part of the year was when I submitted my first PR on Calypso. Fast forward to this day, I have submitted as much as 25 PRs in public repositories and I cannot be more happy.

JavaScript’s what I am focussing on at the moment, but I hope to learn PHP and WordPress development as well alongside.

As a side note, one of my colleagues completed #100DaysOfCode challenge, and it’s inspiring.

Day 100 of #100DaysOfCode: I did it! 🎆 My knowledge of Java and Android development has come a long way. More importantly, this challenge has made me appreciate the importance of consistency and carrying on, one day at a time, even when it seems like no progress is being made.— Siobhan Bamber (@SiobhyB) December 31, 2018

I hope to take up a similar challenge as well in the coming days.

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