Today, GitHub announced that they are offering unlimited free private repositories for all users for free. I would have been very excited about this a few months ago, but I am not at the moment. I jumped ship to and I could say I am happy with it. seems to offer unlimited free private repositories with no catch like GitHub. GitHub offers free private repositories are limited to 3 collaborations and there are no protected branches available.

Plus, they recently sold to Microsoft and I have been unhappy about that as well.

I am sure GitHub could grow with Microsoft’s leadership and money, but I have been leaning towards using services that aren’t necessarily controlled by the tech giants. I don’t want a monopoly world where giants like Microsoft, Google and Apple rule, but prefer small businesses to grow and offer innovative solutions to challenges. I would be happy to pay for such options as well.

Free open source software should be embraced. I am all for it! has nice paid tiers as well, but I don’t have a need for them at the moment. But, hopefully when I become a better developer I would be happy to support them financially.

You should try if you haven’t tried so far, or maybe you can consider self-hosting GitLab as well.

Published by Arun

Happiness Engineer, Automattic; Prev, Freshworks Inc