👋 Howdy! I am finally back, after one full month.

Thanks to an eye infection, I had to take time off work, and put a stop to learning the JavaScript30 course from earlier.

I am back on track and spent some time migrating this site from Netlify to GitLab Pages. But why? Netlify makes stuff super easy — one-click deploys and all.

For some reasons, I have a new-found love in GitLab and naturally I want to use everything they offer – GitLab Pages and GitLab CI. 🙃

It took some time to go through this entire migration, but I am happy about this experience. I learned a bunch of things — including generating SSL with Cloudflare, GitLab CI (a lot!), auto merge requests with GitLab CI, working with submodules and more.

I will be publishing all these in detail later tomorrow. Hopefully will be starting Wes Bos’ ES6 course as well soon.

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