Yes, the site is on WordPress now, haha. Last night, I felt restless about the site’s design, when it was on Hugo. It was a plain blog, with the homepage showing all the posts with a summary. While that’s okay, it’s not the best.

My idea of how a site’s blog archive should look is what you see on the current homepage — a list showing all the blog posts published on the site, and clicking on each title shows the blog post itself.

This would normally be possible by using a bit of CSS customizations, to hide the posts’ summaries on the blog archive. But, with Gutenberg, I am taking a different approach here. I create a homepage, and add a Latest posts block on it, which means, all the posts’ titles shall appear as a beautiful list.

That’s the kind of design I have in mind for my websites now.

Having said this, I woke up at 3am last night, and moved the site from Hugo to I am happier than ever.

I am currently struggling to keep up with the programming courses at the moment because I have been working on a few scripts to automate my daily tasks. Hopefully I will be back to continuing ES6 and JavaScript30 by Wes Bos, and Learn JavaScript Deeply by Zac Gordon.

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