My first-ever Gutenberg patch is merged!

When I attempted to submit a patch for how the shortcode block label is positioned six months ago, I backed out because I did not know how to address the feedback suggested.

I have often noticed that the lack of programming knowledge is a blocker for one to contribute to open-source projects. That does not have to be a case, as it can be seen in the case of my merged patch.

OSS projects are often looking for people who can:

  • Contribute to the project documentation.
  • Get involved in triaging issues.
  • Test/reproduce issues that can further be helpful for developers to fix.

If you find yourself uncomfortable with making code changes on a project, start small and pick up documentation that require updating. While you are it, you may also gain more experience in setting up your developer environment, experience with git and eventually can get to a stage where you can submit code patches! Or, even better, new features!

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