Your first OSS contribution doesn’t have to be a code contribution

My first-ever Gutenberg patch is merged! When I attempted to submit a patch for how the shortcode block label is positioned six months ago, I backed out because I did not know how to address the feedback suggested. I have often noticed that the lack of programming knowledge is a blocker for one to contribute […]

JavaScript30 – Day 03

I kind of jumped ahead and finished day 03’s excercise as well today! 🙃 This time I learned about CSS variables and how to control them using JavaScript. I also learned a bit about registering and using event handlers for elements in JavaScript. There is a list of all available event handlers here if you […]

JavaScript30 – Day 02

I built a clock and designed it using CSS today. I learned how to work with transform, transform-origin, transition and transition-timing-function properties on CSS. I primarily only followed the instructions from today’s JavaScript30 course. I also attempted to update the length of the seconds, minutes and hours hands using CSS, but I haven’t made any […]