Auto-push to upstream repository on npm version update

When you publish a new version of your package on with npm version, you can automatically push the version upgrade to your upstream repository as well - thanks to npm scripts! Add a npm script postversion: git push --follow-tags and you are good to go. Whenever you made a npm version major, npm version minor, or npm version patch, a new commit will be added to your upstream repository as well, mentioning this version upgrade. Read more →

My first npm package

I published my very own, first npm package yesterday. It’s a very simple JavaScript app that takes in one’s input and echoes it out. It’s available here on the npm registry. While I originally wanted to publish it with the slug hello-world, it was already taken by someone else - obviously! Thankfully npm allows re-usage of slugs with scoped access, and I published it under my name: @arunsathiya/hello-world. I am currently working on another npm package that shows weather at any entered city. Read more →

Baby steps with npm!

I been been reading about npm, node.js and JavaScript for a while. I never understood npm all these days, and used to run commands as I saw. After reading and taking multiple lessons, I feel more confident about working with npm packages now. A few resources that I found helpful so far: npm basics on Treehouse Introduction to npm scripts - a short, but powerful lesson! I now understand how scripts in the package. Read more →