Your first OSS contribution doesn’t have to be a code contribution

My first-ever Gutenberg patch is merged! When I attempted to submit a patch for how the shortcode block label is positioned six months ago, I backed out because I did not know how to address the feedback suggested. I have often noticed that the lack of programming knowledge is a blocker for one to contribute […]

Create GitLab repository from terminal

I stumbled upon a rather strange feature yesterday! It turns out it’s possible to push git repositories from the local computer to (I guess it works for self-hosted version of GitLab as well) without actually having to create the repository first on I normally create the upstream repository on GitHub or with […]

How I feel about GitHub’s new free plan

Today, GitHub announced that they are offering unlimited free private repositories for all users for free. I would have been very excited about this a few months ago, but I am not at the moment. I jumped ship to and I could say I am happy with it. seems to offer unlimited free […]